Privacy Policy of mobile application "Constanta Tuner"

This Privacy Policy describes the conditions of getting and using audio data by our mobile guitar tuning application "Constanta Tuner".

We take privacy seriously.

The application is designed exclusively for guitar tuning:

- does not collect any user information,
- reqiires permission to use your microphone (RECORD_AUDIO, MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS) to process streaming audio data,
- does not store audio data anywhere,
- does not contain in-app purchases.

Anonymous information that we get about you from other services such as Google Analytics, Google Play and others includes: information about the installation (for example, operating system type and application version number), information about the device (hardware model and the version of the operating system) and users behavior information.

All data that we collect is used for internal analysis and research to improve our products and make it better for you.

We are not responsible for the use of our application of failures in devices or breakage.

You can always read our privacy policy on this page.